Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who,What, When, Where and Why's of the Program of R.N.A.

I AM Abena, THE RE~Covering Afreekan who is enslaved in amerikkka. I AM also a RE~Presentative from the Voices in Da Margins. I AM also TRUE TO THE CAUSE of Afreekan Liberation via Unification and Utilizing the Tool of Healthy and Effective COMMUNICATIONS!

I AM THE "Traumatized Traumatologist" and a Communications Coach [therapist]

I have developed this SELF-HELP Program for people of Afreekan Descent to assist in RECOVERING from the Mental, Emotional and Behavioral illness incurred with the FORCED FEEDING of a Faulty Cultural Story.

Afreekan Descendants have IN FACT been "BORN IN SIN AND SHAPED IN INIQUITY" living in a SHYTSTEM of RACISM/white supreme lunacy!

This broadcast is intended to function as a 12 step SELF HELP program as we come together to SHARE OUR Experiences, Strengths and Plans related to surviving in this shytstem.

Meetings vary in focus and includes teaching about Trauma and Traumatic stress for Afreekan descendants in particular, sharing my personal life stories as examples, sharing or placing in context (from a mental, emotional, and/or behavioral context) the current challenges Afreekan Descendants face and experience, and/or offering a Safe Space for others to share their story.

Available for Consultation on a relational, parenting or individual challenge you may be facing.

I AM the MA ME - [MOTHER AFREEKA MAMA EARTH] and I AM U and with U...working to RE~Create the US/WE



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