Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ananlyze your own Stench

Another episode in Abena's World sharing MY LIFE, MY STORY, MY WAY
This episode is focused on the behavior of THINKING one "KNOWS" another beyond what that other has shared.

Part 2

Thursday, January 13, 2011

After meeting show

So after the 1-11-11 blogtalk meeting, several thoughts filled and floated through my mind and heart. This is the "after meeting" meeting

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LIVE in the RE~Covery Room

welcome to another episode of

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is Reggae artist PRESSURE BUSSPIPE talking about WHAT is "going on" in the Margins




As the new year began, my father called to wish we well. He asked a very specific question for which I had some very specific thoughts and feelings in response. I did not however, answer his question honestly. I understood at the time why that was the case, what prevented me from sharing with my Daddy EXACTLY what I thought and felt during my families new year celebration/get together.
While it was great to be with family on the 31st, it was not all well with and for me. I am the proverbial "black sheep" of the family and despite my best efforts, continue to be the primary scapegoat, marginalized truth teller. It is always the one in the family who speaks truth and reality that people avoid and chalk up as the "crazy one". Now to their defense, they may have me labeled as such because of my numerous hospitalizations for depression, yet, they are unable to understand the source of my suppressed anger and they support me with maintaining that suppression cause no one wants to hear your/my truth.
So I did not tell my daddy what I really thought and felt and these thoughts flowed following my conversation with him.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I shall return with the text as soon as I can get the player to show!

Kicked out another spot

So I've been banned from the Nation, the RBG Nation that is. What i've done to warrant such action? Spoke my truth to the power base of the site. I just posted a podcast talking about the need to be "dishonest" in this society and with the men in particular and this action taken against me validates my experiences and assessment of our shytuation as a people.

It seems we ARE UNABLE to be HONEST with each other because "we can't handle" each others truths. The matrix we all exist in is so real. It is just as a spiders "web" and it seems to more we work to get free, the more bound in it we become as we utilize the same tactics that got us caught up in the first place.

Uh hummm....going it alone....again....

Mayhap I'll meet YOU along my journey and mayhap we will walk together for a this is only likely to be a short spell of walking together cause we..or I some point along the way, one of us will get caught up and separated....again....
until then....


And now I have to return to TELL THE TRUTH about what happened. Seems I WAS NOT BANNED from the Nation. Seems it was a tech glitch that apparently resulted in many accounts being suspended. Mines was able to be reinstalled so I spoke to soon about what I thought happened....MY BAD and I take responsibility to for it...

It DOES NOT NEGATE the real reality of my experiences with most people these days. I do continue to have brief spells with others of us who are Conscious of the Matrix and shystem we are in. So, I'll let the words stand and add corrections or updates as needed!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mama's Pearl

Video dialogue dealing with the musical messages that supported Black women with being quick to trust Negroes and open their legs. The Jackson 5 were but one group of black males who crooned in our ears and hearts the possibility of Black Love and togetherness...forever and a day.

In this episode of Abena's World, I'm sharing the revelations of the dynamic and interactive process playing it/themselves out on the five levels of lived experiences represented in APoLE.

broken all the way down for you here the story goes like this...

we were forced to remain separate for at least 300 years and had the dream and ability to crushed with acts of terror and domestic abuse (abuse perpetrated on the home land). then we won our civil "rights" and equal access to opportunity we knew little to begin with since we had to fight to get in for the first time after all the abuse.....and we sang songs to bring that vision to light and societal influences supported and encouraged the in amerikkka. Musical messages teaching about and envisioning Liberation from European cultural thought or exposure of hypocrisy, lies, greed and manipulation (i.e. Nina Simone, Bob Marley) were censored and the artist[s] moved abroad for exposure and opportunity to live their god given gifts and talents for their own benefit.
amerikkka knew of the damage traumatic stress caused and set us up for the mess we in. we lived the dream, opened our legs and hearts, brothers left as they had been programmed to do because they did not have the means to uphold the dream, amerikkka right there to stoke the flames of scorned passion and disconnect by giving to the woman and leaving the men who became jealous, enraged and acting out...getting theirs any means neccessary..and amerikkka gave them what was neccessary...drugs

but...that's for another episode so stay tuned.....


The Traumatized Traumatologist: an Active Case of Restoring Social order and healing individual victims using the Narrative Approach

Healing in Action

This is my Story and I’m sticking to it!

Abena Afreeka