Monday, January 3, 2011

Mama's Pearl

Video dialogue dealing with the musical messages that supported Black women with being quick to trust Negroes and open their legs. The Jackson 5 were but one group of black males who crooned in our ears and hearts the possibility of Black Love and togetherness...forever and a day.

In this episode of Abena's World, I'm sharing the revelations of the dynamic and interactive process playing it/themselves out on the five levels of lived experiences represented in APoLE.

broken all the way down for you here the story goes like this...

we were forced to remain separate for at least 300 years and had the dream and ability to crushed with acts of terror and domestic abuse (abuse perpetrated on the home land). then we won our civil "rights" and equal access to opportunity we knew little to begin with since we had to fight to get in for the first time after all the abuse.....and we sang songs to bring that vision to light and societal influences supported and encouraged the in amerikkka. Musical messages teaching about and envisioning Liberation from European cultural thought or exposure of hypocrisy, lies, greed and manipulation (i.e. Nina Simone, Bob Marley) were censored and the artist[s] moved abroad for exposure and opportunity to live their god given gifts and talents for their own benefit.
amerikkka knew of the damage traumatic stress caused and set us up for the mess we in. we lived the dream, opened our legs and hearts, brothers left as they had been programmed to do because they did not have the means to uphold the dream, amerikkka right there to stoke the flames of scorned passion and disconnect by giving to the woman and leaving the men who became jealous, enraged and acting out...getting theirs any means neccessary..and amerikkka gave them what was neccessary...drugs

but...that's for another episode so stay tuned.....


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